Eugene Pallisco’s Guide to Exercise Without Knowing It

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Everyone wants to love exercise. And while that’s a noble goal to work toward, sometimes it’s easier to trick the brain into exercise. These “exercises,” detailed by personal trainer Eugene Pallisco are especially useful when you feel you can’t convince yourself to do anything.

Many won’t even feel like exercise until you’re knee-deep into breaking a sweat, but that’s the point!

Ignoring Optimal

If the only thing barring you from moving your body is the impossible thought of executing optimal workouts, maybe you should set that aside for now. Movement of any kind can be a workout.

Sure, dancing in the mirror and lip-syncing into your hairbrush isn’t optimal if you want washboard abs. And maybe play-wrestling with your dog in the backyard isn’t going to help you bench more at the gym. But both are valid ways to exercise, and that’s what counts.

Involve Others

Another great way to trick your mind into a workout is body doubling. Body doubling invites friends, family, or your partner to exercise with you. It’s much more fun, and you can socialize while you do it to distract yourself from the burn.

Hiking or walking are excellent options, but even taking a class can boost your motivation to work out.

And it doesn’t have to be strictly an exercise class; maybe you want to take your mirror moves out on the town and take a salsa dancing class. You’d learn a skill, spend time with others, and work out simultaneously!

Little Tweaks Add Up

Are you someone who bounces your leg when you watch TV or sit at the computer? Have you been considering purchasing a standing desk? It’s time to start leaning into a more active lifestyle little by little.

Embrace the bouncing; being even slightly more fidgety can up your calories burned by a few hundred every day. And a standing desk is a great way to encourage more movement while also helping you keep a better posture.

Try using the stairs instead of the elevator or encourage the person you meet with later in the day to have a “walking meeting.”

It doesn’t have to be that serious, either. There are plenty of unique and fun ways to work out that your brain will swear are slacking off. Playing musical instruments, playing video games like DDR or Beat Saber, tossing around a frisbee in the park – all of these burn calories in a way that’s way more exciting than the treadmill.

While the suggestions in this article don’t necessarily substitute for measured workouts, anything that gets your body moving is a net gain. And it’s always going to be easier to find the desire if it’s an activity you look forward to.

About Eugene Pallisco

Eugene Pallisco is a Dallas-based fitness expert and personal trainer who has tirelessly crafted a unique and powerful training philosophy. His main goal is to encourage others to follow their dreams and unlock the potential of their bodies.

He believes perseverance and determination are teachable assets that allow anyone to get the physique they desire.