Eugene Pallisco’s Favorite Speedier Workouts for the Time-Deficient

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Let's face it – many of you barely have time to be reading this guide. But still, you want to find ways to incorporate exercise into your daily life. In the interest of respecting your busy schedule, fitness trainer Eugene Pallisco has curated the fastest, most efficient workouts for the time-deficient in this article.

You can do many of these workouts in 20 minutes or less, so they're easy to pepper into even the tightest schedules!

Squeeze in Some Walking

It's time to get creative with your time. Find ways to incorporate more walking into your day, even if that means taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking further away at the grocery store.

Walking is often underappreciated, and just 30 minutes of walking per day can reduce excess body fat and boost your endurance. Challenge yourself to find that time in your day, and you'll be glad you did.

HIIT Sessions

HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is designed for cramming an amalgam of workouts into a short period. They're usually very intense, but you can customize your circuits to help you target specific areas of the body.

The goal is to go hard for less time to get results, and here's some excellent news: it's an effective way to work out. You can do efficient HIIT sessions in as little as ten or even five minutes. Remember that to see a fundamental transformation, you have to perform at a high intensity, so HIIT might not be for the faint of heart or someone new to working out.

Ab Workouts

Contrary to popular belief, working out your abs won't spot-target the fat there. But core strength is crucial to healthy living because it protects your back. A strong core is essential for anyone working at a desk, a growing demographic of those in the workforce.

Luckily, it's also easy to find time for ab workouts; you only need five to ten minutes to get a good workout. Bicycle crunches, glute bridges, and knee-in crunches are all excellent choices for anyone at any level. Try performing these exercises at a high intensity, aiming to do as many as possible before resting for 30 to 60 seconds.

AMRAP Sessions

AMRAP means "as many rounds as possible." If you only have five minutes, you're going to do your exercise as much as you can for five minutes, only resting when you have to.

It's similar to HIIT sessions but even more time-flexible because it's entirely based on how long you have. It's also great to challenge yourself from what you were capable of on previous days.

About Eugene Pallisco

Eugene Pallisco is a certified trainer and fitness expert who works with clients in Dallas, Texas. Since starting his fitness journey back in high school, he's used what he learned from his most influential fitness mentors to create a unique experience for the people he trains.

Whether it's weightlifting, sports training, or long-distance cardio, Pallisco ensures his clients keep their eyes on the true prize – freedom, comfort, and improvement in their bodies.