Personal Trainer Eugenio Pallisco’s Tips for Staying Motivated While Working Out

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The idea that exercise to be effective means a sweaty workout is ingrained in the mind. But exercise doesn’t have to mean running a marathon or putting your spare tire on a public exhibition in the gym room.

Any activity that consumes energy is beneficial. Activities such as gardening, cleaning the house, or a daily walk are great ways to get in shape. But if you don’t have 20 minutes to devote to a brisk walk, you can get in just as much exercise by spreading your activity throughout your work day or over your weekend.

As personal trainer Eugenio Pallisco explains, activity is the key to fitness. So if you’re at a loss as to how to make a start, consider the following tips:

See Your Doctor

Before you embark on any exercise program, you need to know the shape you’re in. Only then can you tailor the right kind of exercise best suited for you. Your doctor’s opinion is the first step to a successful exercise program that keeps you motivated and gets results.

Create a Plan

Once you have an okay from your doctor, you need to plan the kind of exercise you will be doing. You need to know how much time you can devote to exercise. You need an objective to reach for. Goals should be broken down into weekly, monthly, and yearly sections.

Exercise with a Companion

Exercising with someone keeps you motivated to stick to your plan. An exercise partner can get you on the exercise floor in those moments when you don’t feel like exercising.

Warm Up

So many fail to stay motivated due partly to plunging into the routine without warming up. Stretches elevate the heart rate that gets the muscles prepared for full exercise. There’s less chance of injury, and the warmup prepares you to enjoy the exercise.

Listen to Music

A walk on the treadmill to a beat makes the time go by faster. Music with the right tempo gets you moving. Remember disco? Dancing makes for great exercise, a good break from the weights, and aerobics when they get too boring. Put on some military marching music like Sousa’s Semper Fidelis.

Vary Your Routine

You don’t always have to lift weights. Some days you can decide to do upper body exercises and switch to lower body exercises the following day. Do aerobics one day, pilates the next, yoga on another day, and Tai Chi the next. Or simply head outdoors and play ball with your kids, mow the lawn or do some garden work. Exercise never needs to get boring.

Reward Yourself

Eugenio Pallisco’s Pro Fitness Tip: If you’ve stayed with your routine faithfully, give yourself a reward. Watch a new TV show. Read a good book or simply take a day off to relax. There are dozens of ways you can give yourself a treat. A reward can be a great motivator to get you moving and stay that way until you’ve reached your goal.

Be Imaginative

Nothing says that you have to lift weights or do aerobics in a gym if rock climbing is better suited to your tastes. Motivation starts with being imaginative. Trying some new activities makes staying in shape fun. Run a half-marathon if you like, or learn yoga and martial arts.

These steps can help keep you motivated while you enjoy the activity, leading to a slimmer, healthier, and happier you.

About Eugenio Pallisco

Eugenio Pallisco is a skilled and compassionate fitness instructor with years of experience in the greater Dallas area. However, he has since expanded his services online to better serve clients who are always on the go. As a dedicated personal trainer, he has helped hundreds of clients, both in-person and remotely, transform their lives. Eugenio believes sculpting the body goes hand in hand with the mind and practices a holistic approach to help people achieve their fitness goals while avoiding injury or burnout.