Fitness Expert Eugenio Pallisco Explains How To Choose The Proper Exercise Clothing

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If you’re starting a new fitness routine, you’ve probably spent lots of time sketching out a plan in your head, but have you considered what clothing you’re going to wear? Fitness expert Eugenio Pallisco says this is not a decision you should take lightly.

Having the proper exercise clothing is imperative to ensure you are comfortable. At the same time, you work out, so you can complete the exercises properly and remain motivated to stay on track.   

The right clothing can make your exercise routine more fun and less hassle. Here are some factors to keep in mind. 

Consider The Weather

The weather is a key factor in the type of exercise clothing you choose. You need to find a nice balance of warm clothing that allows your body to breathe, even in colder temperatures.

If you’re going to be exercising outdoors, make sure that you’re dressed appropriately for the weather. This could include layers of clothing, hats, and gloves in the winter, a hat to protect against the sun in the summer, and a rain jacket if it’s wet outside.

Consider The Material

As mentioned, it’s very important that the clothing you wear while you’re exercising is breathable — no matter what the weather is like. What determines this is the material that the clothing is made of.

The most breathable and comfortable exercise clothing is made from polyester, nylon, cotton, and bamboo. So, when you’re searching for clothing to purchase, start by looking at gear that’s made of one of these materials.

Consider The Quality

Exercise clothing can be very expensive. As such, it can be tempting to purchase discount gear to save some money. While no one would blame you for wanting to pinch your pennies, exercise clothing may not be the best avenue to do this.

You certainly don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on an exercise outfit. However, you want to make sure that whatever you’re buying is quality. By focusing on the product’s quality, you’ll be saving yourself money in the long run, as you likely won’t have to re-purchase the clothing over and over again. 

Consider The Fit And Feel

Clothes are a very personal thing. What feels good to one person may not feel good to another. That’s why it’s always important to try on exercise clothing before you purchase them, Eugenio Pallisco says.

You may find that you feel more comfortable in nylon clothing than in polyester, or vice versa. Trying your clothes on first will also let you figure out the exact size you need because this may be different for workout clothing than it is for your other day-to-day clothing.

Finding exercise clothing that feels good is essential, as it’ll make working out that much more enjoyable. In turn, it’ll make you feel confident and allow you to concentrate on your exercises rather than the clothing you’re wearing.   

The ultimate goal is to not even realize you’re wearing workout gear. You can ensure this happens by trying on your clothing before buying it. 

About Eugenio Pallisco

Fitness expert and licensed trainer Eugenio Pallisco is based in Dallas, Texas. Since he began working with motivational fitness mentors in high school, Eugene has devoted a significant amount of time to sculpting and molding his training philosophy, which is centered on improving others. Before starting his private training firm in the fitness industry, he gained more expertise by working one-on-one with gym patrons after beginning as a group fitness teacher.