Fitness Expert Eugene Pallisco Shares The Importance of Strength Training for Women

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Fitness Expert Eugene Pallisco Shares The Importance of Strength Training for Women: Getting into the best shape of your life requires a comprehensive approach to fitness. That means stepping into other forms of training that, on the surface, may not appear to further your fitness goals.

In this article, fitness expert Eugene Pallisco details all the ways in which strength training can benefit women regardless of what their particular fitness goals may be.

Strength Training as a Preventative Measure

People often think about strength training as a way to build muscle, improve endurance, and become physically stronger, but there’s far more to it than that. These workouts can also serve as preventive measures against injury and an array of additional health conditions.

Regular strength training has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and serious conditions such as diabetes, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and even some cancers. For women in particular, strength training can potentially reduce menopausal hot flashes and post-menopausal osteoporosis while also strengthening their pelvic floor.

Improving Your Quality of Life Through Strength Training

If you’re stiff, achy, overweight, and feeling mentally foggy, then strength training can be absolutely life-changing for you in more ways than you know. It can improve your flexibility and posture, ease certain types of pain and symptoms of arthritis, help control your weight, provide you with greater mobility, help you sleep better, and improve your cognitive function.

For any woman who battles with physical or mental discomfort on a daily basis, there’s no question that every aspect of your life is negatively impacted by it. Addressing these issues through strength training can be transformative in more than just a physical way.

Dispelling Some Strength Training Myths

There are some stigmas attached to strength training for many women, and just about every one of them is based on some sort of myth. Take a look at a few of the most persistent among them.

Strength Training Requires Huge Weights or Huge Muscles

Some women view this fitness approach as reserved strictly for those looking to build huge muscles and lift heavy weights, but that isn’t the case. You don’t need to develop huge muscles to benefit from your strength training, and you don’t even need to lift incredibly heavy weights to enjoy those benefits.

Strength Training Is All About Bulk

With the right workouts, you won’t be bulking up but rather getting leaner, more toned, and becoming far more fit and capable when you get out there to do cardio, play sports, or any other form of exercise you enjoy.

It’s Too Late to Start Strength Training

Many people view strength training as something young people do to improve their beach bodies, but it becomes even more beneficial as they get older. You can undoubtedly improve your beach body at any age through strength training, but it can also help you stave off muscle loss, protect your joints, reduce injury risk, and more.

About Eugene Pallisco

Eugene Pallisco is a fitness expert and licensed trainer based in Dallas, Texas. He helps his clients achieve their fitness goals through an array of approaches, including high-intensity or long-distance cardio, weightlifting, sports training, and more.