Fitness Expert Eugene Pallisco Provides Nutrition Tips for Building Lean Muscle Mass

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If you want to build muscle, hitting the gym hard every day is unnecessary. You can build muscle effectively from the comfort of your kitchen, according to fitness expert Eugene Pallisco.

It’s long been known that what you consume directly impacts your overall health. But did you know you can build lean muscle mass just by eating the right foods?   

Below are some foods that will help you gain muscle while burning fat, regardless of your workout routine.

Breakfast Staples

A good day starts with a healthy breakfast. One of the most popular breakfast staples is eggs, a great way to build lean muscle mass.

Eggs are a great source of complete protein. Studies have shown that when you eat eggs following resistance exercises, your muscles can use the protein better, which leads to building lean muscle mass.  

Incorporating Greek yogurt into your breakfast meals is also good because it contains casein. Studies have shown that this also can contribute to your body building lean muscle.

If you like smoothies, consider filling them with chia seeds — high in omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and protein — and avocados, which are full of B vitamins, including B6, riboflavin, niacin, and folate.

Grass-Fed Beef

While eating a steak daily is not advisable, incorporating a healthy dose of grass-fed red meat into your diet is excellent for building lean muscle mass. Beef is full of complete proteins that include amino acids. Some amino acids in beef help your body produce creatine, effectively improving muscle mass. Beef is also filled with iron, B vitamins, and cholesterol.

Just make sure that the beef you eat comes from grass-fed cattle. It has been proven to have more CLA — conjugated linoleic acid — than other types of meat, which helps you shed fat and build lean muscle more effectively.

Fruits & Vegetables

Yes, even fruits and vegetables can help to build lean muscle mass. According to Eugene Pallisco, focusing on some prominent superfoods can help your body lose weight, add essential vitamins and minerals, and even build muscle mass.

Beets, for instance, contain trimethylglycine, a nutrient that supports joint and liver health and increases power and muscle strength. Spinach contains glutamine, an amino acid that leans to build lean muscle.

Oranges help to increase muscle growth, endurance, and strength, especially if you eat them before a workout. Even apples help build strength and prevent muscle fatigue due to the polyphenols they contain.

In addition, the polyphenols in apples have been proven by research to improve your body’s fat-burning ability.


Some fish are great for building lean muscle. Fatty fish such as salmon and tuna have complete proteins and omega-3s. Shrimp is a highly lean protein containing leucine, which is necessary to develop muscles.

Balancing the suitable types of fish with hearty sides can pack a massive punch for your body’s ability to build lean muscle